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Paralda Corporate

Paralda has been in development since 2001. This software solution package is the product of the idea that even the best currently available software can always be improved.
The company, DD Factory (founded by Niels Lefeber), began to develop this after becoming frustrated with the current problems seen facing companies with ever increasing communication and archiving needs.

The knowledge base and professional experience of DD factory is the result of developing software in the Industrial Automation sector for ten years. Other professional experience also includes mechanical engineering for special machines, robots and complete packaging and processing lines. The main lessons that were learned from Industrial Automation are: Flexibility, Technical Anticipation, Finding Solutions and above all, to Listen, Observe, and think outside of the box.

The first DD Factory development objective in 2000 was to create a cross platform, lightweight, standalone web-based Internet Database Editor/Engine to enable and power simple content manageable internet sites. The software had to be independent from OS and existing database engines so the software had to be developed using a higher programming language to have full control of the file system of the server. The development needed a name and it was called: 'Project Paralda'.

Due to the fully web-based design, this software can share databases easily throughout the internet. At that time of its development, only expensive CMS systems were available and not all platforms were supported. At the end of 2001, the first functional version was put in production and was completely running on its own unique Paralda databases.

The first Paralda software was demonstrated to a company who tagged items with a small RFID device so that police were able to identify and return these tagged items to the rightful owner when recovered. Paralda's function in this trial was to maintain and edit the database with multiple dealers and locations.

Shortly after the release of the first Paralda product, DD Factory specialized and concentrated more and more on the Paralda development. Two main product branches became clear. One was Paralda CRM (now called Paralda R.E.D.) and the other was Paralda CMS. Today, these two merge into one huge anytime accessible BI archive.

Currently the Paralda organisation concentrates mainly on our growing reseller network and the development of new modules.

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