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What Our Customers Say

Below a few of our customers and what they say about Paralda.


Since 1924 Decora Food Products BV is a producer of bakery- and icecream commodities and sereals.

Decora Food Products BV, Elst The Netherlands

Finally a program offering a complete mail overview! No unexpected expenses considering monthly costs, including support and updates, leaving everything completely transparent. Paralda makes and keeps it all synoptic, for the managers and all personel. The company's info is always within reach, at home and everywhere else.

Tjeerd de Jong, Director Decora Food Products BV


Aeolus spreads information in a uniform way to specific groups. The company forms an essential link in the communication campagnes within the cultural and touristic sector.

Æolus nv, Aartselaar Belgium

Paralda is the right tool for me to organise our contacts. From adding a new parent relation to finally the financial documents; this software makes my administration easier, by performing all the steps in one program. Having all my documents and mail in a complete archive makes working a lot simpler.

Wim Vandeput, Managing Director Aeolus nv


At ISO4u we help you to lower the energy costs, make your home more comfortable; your home will become cooler during Summertime and warmer in Wintertime. We also help to lower the exhaustion of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Iso4u nv/sa, Bonheiden Belgium

Managing one company in London and another in Belgium takes a lot of a man's time. Thanks to Paralda I can manage my time as if I have one company. I first came in contact with Paralda in London and as soon as I opened my business in Belgium there was only one thing to do. Get Paralda on board of the new company.
Paralda is growing together with my company to a perfect fit, leaving me without a headache of losing emails, unclear tasks, sloppy agenda's or bad connectivity with my employees.

Ronald Wendt, Director Iso4u nv/sa


Get more out of your travels with Minicards. Lots of information on card size ready to go. Minicards can be found all over the world: Aruba Australia Gold Coast Melbourne Tasmania Belarus Minsk Belgium Antwerp Brussels Gent Limburg Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo Brazil Sao Paulo Bulgaria Sofia Varna Canada Toronto Croatia Istria Zagreb Denmark Copenhagen Finland Helsinki Germany Berlin Frankfurt Hamburg Leipzig Hong Kong Hungary Budapest Iceland Reykjavik Ireland Dublin Israel Jerusalem Tel aviv Italy Rome Latvia Riga Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Mauritius Mexico Riviera Maya Moldova Montenegro Morocco Marrakech Neth. Antilles Curacao The Netherlands Amsterdam Groningen Texel Norway Oslo Panama City Poland Warsaw Portugal Azores Lisbon Romania Bucharest Russia St. Petersburg Scotland Edinburgh Serbia Spain Barcelona Ibiza Madrid Suriname Syria Damascus Turkey Istanbul Trinidad and Tobago Ukraine Kiev United Kingdom London United States Florida New York

Minicards Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Working with Paralda since 2003 and I can only conclude that this system works. Paralda organizes and structures my work flow in a very user friendly way. Besides this Paralda archives all my emails, tasks and appointments, giving me a clear picture on the status of different projects on a day to day basis and therewith saving lots of time and energy.
I can recommend working with Paralda to anyone.

Rick Blom, Minicards Amsterdam

Minicards Suriname, The Netherlands & Suriname

How to manage a sales team from a distance from more than 8000 km? That was the question I had when setting up Minicards Suriname. Paralda was the real time solution for this issue! The user friendly functionality allowed a quick adoption time within my sales team and gave me an up to date overview of their daily activities and progress at any given moment!!

General Manager Minicards Suriname

Minicards Barcelona, Spain

Flexibility and customizability are the two keywords for Paralda. Paralda BV offers various solutions for migrating your old content like email or contacts to Paralda.

Ciska van Schagen, Minicards Barcelona

Minicards Noord-Nederland, The Netherlands

I do just about everything with Paralda. I find it to be tremendously useful to be able to retrieve all the information I need at any time, any place, anywhere!

Marion Romeijn, Minicards Noord-Nederland


The fine art of communication.

Iddi Fix, Luxembourg

Paralda offers me a trustworthy solution whereby the CRM system has all mails integrated and related to my accounts shown in an easy and effective way.

Michiel Cammeraat, Iddi Fix Luxembourg

Snowy Ad & Minicards Sabah and Penang, Malaysia

Paralda is the state-of-art solution that offers the most sophisticated technology and yet user-friendly interface. It enable us in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of our business process flow, it puts everything you need right at your fingertips and offers a true ease of operation.

Adrian Loh, Snowy Ad (Minicards Operator, Malaysia)

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