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Business Intelligence and Archiving Simplified with Paralda
CEO Paralda BV Niels Lefeber Speaks

Businesses understand the need for efficient Business Intelligence (BI) and automatic archiving solutions, and Paralda delivers by providing intuitive products and customized services to our customers. Paralda is natively designed as an archiving and BI system package, and automatically archives all data by customer, department, user, timeframe, and project. Even information from former employees can be retrieved within seconds.
Paralda is a one hundred percent web based secure cross platform BI package.

Some of the benefits of Paralda include:

Remote Access and mobile device ready.

All email and other information is archived using a closed
sequence of numbers which are impossible to alter.

Calendars can not be altered after a date has passed.

Progress monitoring shows how far along a project is
and when employees are logged on.

In summary, Paralda is designed as a user friendly, secure, and accurate one system cross platform communications and information package that would be beneficial to businesses, government agencies, and research teams that desire greater collaboration within their organization. Are you ready to revitalize your organization?

Niels Lefeber (CEO, Paralda B.V.)

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