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How Paralda Software Works for You

Paralda offers a complete solution for Email, Relation Management, Contacts, Calendaring, Anti-Spam, Collaboration, Archiving and much more. Currently Paralda is used in more then 30 countries worldwide. Paralda is an advanced business information system in a straightforward and user friendly work environment. In addition Paralda can hold years of company history including all emails! Information like telephone notes or emails from any employee within the company, is directly and easy accessible. In Paralda 'the Organisation' controls all information and not its individual employees.

Instant Insight on Organisation Activities and Information.
Easy to Use, Crossplatform and Integratable With Current Systems.
Fully Web based, Scalable, Secure and Standard Remote Accessibility.

Paralda A Short History

Paralda was developed in 2001. The Paralda software solution has been motivated by the thought that things can always be better. DD Factory (founded by Niels Lefeber), started development on complete own resources. This after seeing at companies recurring frustrations and known problems. Better communication software was required and a need to automatically archive all company information.

Since the launch of the first Paralda software, development has progressed quickly. Through pilots at several companies and carefully listening to our customer needs, it was possible for DD Factory to specialize and concentrate fully on the Paralda development. Products that sprung from this Paralda evolution are Paralda CRM (Customer Relation Management with seamless integrated Email) and Paralda CDMS (Content/Data Management System). Today these both products are being integrated in one big BI (Business Intelligence) software package available for any company.


Do you feel that your company is 'too big' or 'too small' for Paralda?
Currently Paralda is being used at various organisations. One with hundreds of people in more then 30 countries, but also by organisations with one person on one location.

Paralda Sales Brochure

Paralda Configuration Matrix

Paralda Specsheet

Need More Information?

If you require more information about Paralda and what it can do for your organization, please contact our sales team.

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